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--- What is New ---


--- Next Meeting ---
  • Next meeting is at 18h30 on Tuesday 4 Sept 2018 in the St James Church, Heuwelsig.
  • <See Directions>
  • Set Subject: No Set Subject:Sound of Silence
    <See detail description>

  • Number of entries per category
    • Star group (N & P): 3 images per photographer, in either Nature or Pictorial. (Altered Reality entered for promotion points are entered under Pictorial).
      The points attained in the star group category will count for promotion.
    • Set Subject (SS): 2 images per photographer.
      The points attained in this category will not count for promotion, only for club points and trophy award.

      A member may therefore enter a maximum of 5 photos for evaluation per club evening.
NB!! All submissions must reach us before Sunday 2 Sept 2018 at 23h40 on Photovault. <See more detail>

--- Lecture during meeting ---

  • Gerhard Steenkamp

  • _______________________________________________________