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 One Star  Beginner Photographer that has never belonged to a club
 To Two Star  20 Club Points with a minimum of 4 Gold or Merit Awards
 To Three Star  35 Club Points with a minimum of 6 Gold or Merit Awards
 To Four Star  50 Club Points, 8 Gold or Merit Awards, plus 18 Salon Points
 To Five Star  80 Club Points, 12 Gold or Merit Awards, plus 50 Salon Points
 To Golden Honours  150 Club Points, 200 Salon Points, and APSSA Digital
 To Galaxy  150 Club Points, 400 Salon Points, and FPSSA Digital

Salon Points are scored as follows for images and AVs:

A salon acceptance (National or International) – 1 point. If a COM or medal has been acquired – 2 points.

A salon acceptance (National or International) – 2 points. If a COM or medal has been acquired – 4 points.

All gold or merit awards and club points which are attained in a specific star grading, do not get carried over to the next star grading. Only salon points will be accumulated and are carried over from one star grading to the next. For example: should a member be short 1 gold award and 3 points for a promotion to the next star grading, and is awarded 2 golds and 5 points on a given club evening, the extra gold and the additional 2 points do not get carried over for credit to the higher star grading. The reason is that the image which achieved a gold has been judged on lower requirements than the next higher star group.


Een Ster Beginnerfotograaf wat nog nooit aan ‘n klub behoort het nie
Na Twee Ster
20 Klubpunte met ‘n minimum van 4 Goue of Merietetoekennings
Na Drie Ster
35 Klubpunte met ‘n minimum van 6 Goue of Merietetoekennings
Na Vier Ster
50 Klubpunte, 8 Goue of Merietetoekennings, plus 18 Salonpunte
Na Vyf Ster
80 Klubpunte, 12 Goue of Merietetoekennings, plus 50 Salonpunte
Na Goue Ere 150 Klubpunte, 200 Salonpunte, & APSSA Digitaal
Na Galaxy 150 Klubpunte, 400 Salonpunte, & FPSSA Digitaal

Salonpunte word soos volg toegeken vir beelde en AV’s:

‘n Salon-aanname (Nasionaal of Internasionaal) – 1 punt. Indien ‘n COM of medalje verwerf is – 2 punte.

‘n Salon aanname (Nasionaal of Internasionaal) – 3 punte. Indien ‘n COM of medalje verwerf is – 4 punte.

Alle goue of meriete toekennings en klubpunte wat in ‘n spesifieke stergroep verwerf word, word nie oorgedra na die volgende stergroep nie. Slegs salonpunte akkumuleer en word dus oorgedra vanaf een stergroep na die volgende. Byvoorbeeld, as ‘n lid slegs 1 goue toekenning en 3 punte kort om bevorder te word na ‘n volgende stergroep en by ‘n gegewe klubaand 2 goue toekennings en 5 punte verdien, word die ekstra goud en die addisionele 2 punte nie oorgedra tot krediet van die hoër stergroep nie. Die rede is dat die beeld wat ‘n goud verwerf het, beoordeel is op laer vereistes as die van die volgende hoër stergroep.